Improved Culture, Teamwork and Success

As an ardent England rugby fan, I was not looking forward the FIFA World Cup finals. That said the England team seems to have developed great culture, teamwork and success.  This has piqued my two tiered interest.  Naturally, I hope England do very well, but for me some of the behind the scenes insights are equally interesting

Gareth Southgate talks about how the team is now “unchained from the destiny of the past” and how that “they are writing that own story”.

Writing their own story, to me, means that they are in charge of their own culture and their own future.

This parallels in the work I do with companies developing businesses by strengthening their people through cultural enhancement.

Why is Culture important?

Whilst it is very important to focus on today it’s also important to be “thinking towards tomorrow“ . How does this fit in with culture?

Often the unattended culture can lead to problems. Whilst hidden in plain sight, the culture develops, unseen and unchallenged.

The companies I work with, have often identified an unwanted culture.

This is largely because, when the business is doing well and growing, they are understandably very focused on delivery. Because of this, the evolved culture is often undesirable.

Sometimes this leads to an organisational review of ethics behaviours and standards.

I get people to understand the importance of culture, their behavioural impacts on it, and how they can together work on reshaping the way they do things – for the betterment of all.

Understanding Current Culture

It’s important that the people understand where they fit in the organisation and what it is they want to achieve.

For me this is about cultural alignment. Making sure everybody understands and is part of the culture, the part they play and how they can achieve mutual successful .

In the game against Columbia, how the England players, mainly, responded to the questionable tactics of the opposition. they largely controlled their emotions and chose not to rise to the ever-increasing niggling tactics.  For me this was a sign of maturity.

Teamwork and Success

It is noticeable how the players, when interviewed, always remind the interviewer of the team effort.  They always remind us that the “back room and support staff” play just as an important role, as the players on the pitch.

Cultural Enhancement

As with cultural enhancement programmes I design and deliver, time will be the telling factor of Gareth Southgate’s approach . Even if they do not win the World Cup, he will have created some great, well-informed and well-rounded people, who are all future leaders.

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